Delicious Salads to Pair With Your Grilled Steak

If you’re putting together a meal for your grilling-skilled husband, you might want to pair your grilled steak with a fresh salad. If you’re having a steak and want to complement the beef with something lighter, try a wedge salad. You can also add chickpeas, hard-boiled eggs, or other toppings that go with your tastes. Macaroni and cheese is another classic that’s great with grilled aioli. The sharp flavor of the cheese will cut through the richness of the meat, and you can even top the dish with crunchy breadcrumbs or smoky bacon bits. Finally, try a side of onion rings to keep the salad light and tangy.

Whether you’re looking for something fresh or classic, there are delicious salads to go along with your grilled steak. Try a creamy broccoli slaw salad. The crisp vegetables are packed with feta, almonds, and raisins, and a creamy dressing that will pair beautifully with your grilled steak. As a side dish, many steak recipes are easily prepared ahead of time and can be kept in the refrigerator or frozen for up to 3 months.

You can also go for a grilled steak and a cold salad. Or you can serve it with a corn on the cob, grilled vegetables, and couscous. Depending on your preference, you can pair your grilled steak with different sides to enhance the flavors of the meat. Then, enjoy it with a glass of wine. You can even use a crock pot to cook your steak and your side dish.

A delicious salad to pair with your steak should be healthy and filling. For example, a simple broccoli slaw with crumbled bleu cheese will pair well with a grilled steak. And a deliciously refreshing iceberg wedge salad with pesto dressing is another great option. It’s made of chopped lettuce and fresh tomatoes, which are both nutritious and tasty. Then, serve it with a grilled steak and you’ll have an amazing meal to match.

A variety of side dishes go well with a grilled steak. Some of the best options include a cold salad, a corn on the cob salad, grilled couscous, and a tomato-basil and basil slaw. A few other delicious side dishes to pair with your grilled steak include roasted vegetables, quinoa, and a grilled salad.

A good side dish for a steak is a side salad. For example, a Caesar salad with grilled steak would be a great option. Arugula-based salad is an excellent choice for a dinner at home. Arugula, broccoli, and spinach all compliment a steak well. While arugula-based salad should be the focus of the meal, it can also serve as an accompaniment to grilled beef.